Instachange: taking control of our platforms

Social media updates can be both good and bad. (Photo via Flickr/Jason Howie)

Growing up, my parents never let me have social media. I was never allowed to have a Facebook, Myspace, or YouTube account and looking back on it, I suppose that I am thankful that I now do not have to worry about awkward and embarrassing middle school pictures coming back to haunt me. Up until around my freshman year of high school, the aforementioned social media giants were really the only forces in that industry. Social media today is constantly changing, social media platforms that are popular today, can easily be forgotten tomorrow. Does anyone still use Vine? For that reason, social media platforms must always be reinventing and updating themselves.

While updates to social media platforms can often bring great innovation and awesome new features to a website or app, they can almost equally as often create anger among loyal users of the platforms. When Snapchat introduced new filters to the world, users went crazy over the ability to make a rainbow shoot out of their mouths or swap faces with their friends. On the other hand, when Instagram eliminated its custom location feature, many users were mad. Having plain old Stillwater, OK as your location isn’t as fun as having a pun. As users, we have the power to say whether or not we like these changes on the very platforms that these changes are taking place.

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