Shortcakes won’t short change you

Shortcakes Diner takes the cake for most greasy spoon eatery in Stillwater. (Photo via Flickr/ Anthony Quintano)

After one semester of pistols firing and bleeding orange here in Stillwater, I have yet to visit a hole-in-the-wall staple of this town, Shortcakes Diner. Hearing mixed reviews about this place has made me weary of stepping inside its doors. However, it’s the spring semester and just like I am lacking sleep, my pockets are lacking money, longing for the Christmas cash that was carelessly spent long ago before winter break was even over. This to me sounds like the perfect time to finally make a stop to Shortcakes. Their menu screams All-American diner and their cheap prices are calling out to me as much as Granny’s cinnamon rolls always are.

I imagine my experience at Shortcakes to be synonymous to that of Waffle House: a delicious heart attack on a plate where the danger of food poisoning is looming at every corner. Next time I am in the mood for an adventure, greasy food, and low prices–which, safe to say, is all time—I will be sure to hit up this eating establishment. Any place that serves 24/7 breakfast sounds like a place for me. Brinner (breakfast for dinner) anyone?

7 thoughts on “Shortcakes won’t short change you

  1. I loved your use of references to other places in Stillwater as well as the common truth that college students carelessly spend their money, leaving us with limited options for food. So true! Shortcakes, though I’ve only made it there twice, is definitely a favorite of mine, so I hope you enjoyed it too.


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